TERA rising – nuovo Gioco Gratuito online!

Oggi vi presento un nuovo gioco gratuito online.
Il gioco è ambientato in un mondo di fantasia e basato sulla crescita del proprio personaggio.

Se sei curioso prova subito a giocare, è gratuito!

Una volta iniziato non potrete farne a meno!

Qualche notizia tratta dal sito ufficiale

After your character is created, you will see a short cutscene to introduce you, and right afterwards your adventure can start!
first_npc_01Axelle, one of the first NPCs (non-player characters) you will encounter.

Locating quest objectives

Many people on the Island of Dawn (starting zone) will require your help on various tasks. You might be wondering where to find a quest item, where are the monsters to be slain, etc. You can open your quest log with the “L” key at any time

Using this function, you can easily check your quest objectives on the map.

Combo skills system

TERA’s combo system is very intuitive, yet hard to master! After successfully using certain skills on an enemy, you will be able to begin a combo chain by pressing the space bar. Some combos will be activated depending on your ability to block, dodge, or simply by being knocked down.

Campfire system

The campfire system is a wonderful social feature. Around a campfire, you replenish your endurance gauge, get various bonuses and find people to group up with!

Enhancement Crystals

The enhancement crystals are used to improve your weapons and armor. You can place them in special slots on most equipment pieces. You can acquire crystals by buying them from certain merchants, or looting them from monsters.

If you want to try this system out, go to Viator in the Expedition Base Camp on the Island of Dawn!

Enchanting your gear

You can enchant your gear no matter where you are in the world! Select “Enchant” in the main menu (or press “T” on your keyboard) and start experimenting. In order to enchant your gear, you will need 3 types of items:

The piece of gear you want to enchant
Another piece of gear used as the ingredient
It has to be the same level and equipment slot.
Enchantment dust


Throughout the game you can obtain various tokens, e.g. through battlegrounds. These tokens can be used at the appropriate vendors to trade them in for special rewards like high-quality armor and weapons. You can also use weapons and armor from these barter shops as enchanting material.
rewards_01Valuable gear for valuable warriors.

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